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A Web Walkabout

A Web Walkabout

It never ceases to amaze me how much great stuff there is to read online. Some days–okay many, many days–I fall in and soak up words like an arid desert, looking up only when food beckons or a kid attempts interaction.

While I enjoy social media such as Facebook and Twitter (a lot), where I find myself getting lost the most online is in the myriad of great articles and posts. Stories and tips, glimpses of life from other perspectives and snapshots of far flung locales…those are my fuel, my obsession, if you will.

As any good Internet addict, I feel the compulsion to share at least some of my findings with others that enjoy online walkabouts, so here’s a sampling:

*Grammar nazi fun with semicolons

*What is a Maven?

*Wouldn’t you love an automatic stove cleaning thingy?

* Piper For President!

Let me know if you take a web walkabout among these links–which ones strike chords with you or make you smile along the way?




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Dana Britt is a freelance writer extraordinaire who loves the craft and never runs out of words--much to the dismay of her two teenagers.Years as a parent and caregiver have nurtured Dana's particular interests in children and psychology, subjects in which she is currently pursuing her degree. Dana can be found posting from time to time at Windows Wide Open when she is not writing or in the pursuit of a sunny spot in which to read.

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4 Responses to “A Web Walkabout”

  1. George Angus
    Twitter: GeorgeAngus


    Every time I glance at the title of this I see “A Web Walkout.” Woot! revolution!

    Hehe. Seriously, though, thanks for the links – great fun!

    George Angus´s last blog post ..Let Your Story Be

  2. Dana
    Twitter: Dana_Britt

    Haha Sir George, the cry of Revolution is a hair trigger one, no?

    Thanks for walking about n checking them out!

    Dana´s last blog post ..Comfort Food: Beans and Cornbread

  3. Amberr Meadows
    Twitter: amberrisme

    Recently, I’ve been awarded a few of those “symbolic” blog awards and was able to thank 60 different bloggers that I enjoy. I’m sure these folks you’ve listed will be flattered! Take care :-)
    Amberr Meadows´s last blog post ..Pink Floyd and Part I of Michael River’s ‘Travel Alaska’

  4. Vicki T. Lee
    Twitter: aquasis

    Loved my “walk-about” on Kristen Lamb’s site.
    As a true Maven should, she offered a lot of good information about … well, looks like many things :) But this time I only checked out her maven post.
    Thank heavens for the mavens of the world!

    Thank you for sending me out for that walk! :)

    Vicki T. Lee´s last blog post ..Hush Little Voice! Hush!

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