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Content Company Review: Sailing Away With Quality Gal

Content Company Review: Sailing Away With Quality Gal
This week I would like to discuss the second content company I was accepted by: Quality Gal, but before I get into details I do need to mention that I would never have known about any of these content companies if I would not have read Sandi’s article Kiss My Ass If You Think I’m That Dumb. This is the very first post I read before I contacted Sandi for the first time. I absolutely loved it and I made visits to every website she mentioned, although I never applied for any. I loved this post because not only did she strike me as an honest type of person, but well, she said “ass!” I love when people are not afraid to write what is on their mind and I felt I found that person in Sandi. She’s my hero (and no, not the sandwich!).

Okay back to my review, although now I’m thinking I need to review Subway or some place similar next week!

Sailing, takes me away to where I'm going

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Wonderful Staff

All joking aside, I have to say that I do love Quality Gal. The support this company offers is absolutely wonderful! Any time I have had a question a simple email to them gets replied to very quickly. Heather and Christine are the two I speak with the most and these women have been beyond fabulous! I have absolutely no complaints about the staff at Quality Gal.

Awesome Resources

I made frequent visits to this site because after the first visit I read that they pay 12 – 15 dollars per article. I instantly knew I wanted to be there! Unfortunately, every visit I made they were not looking for new writers. I kept going back though, and at that time all the resources they offer were available for anyone to read, and so I read it all. I would have never even  known how to hyperlink if I had not visited this site and read the instructions. I did this  long before I got on with them and that has been another one of my favorite  things about this company. They offer a lot of writer’s resources, and when you’re new you have to  love that!

Great Pay

Obviously the pay was the first thing that sold me on this company but they have been so much more. There is some paperwork to fill out in the beginning and if memory serves me right, there may be a sample article to do before actually being accepted as a writer. Still, there is no resume’ needed which is a big thing for a lot of new writers. Every writer starts out on a 30-day probationary status but as soon as you get accepted you can start writing. Articles pay anywhere between 12 and 15 dollars and depending on the links involved they could pay more or less. I did a couple for $5 and one for $35. Yep! Good money for a newbie!

When You Get That Moolah

The instructions for each article are included and they are very thorough. They also must be followed in order for the article to be accepted. This is true for any content company. As long as your work has met the specifications and they have been accepted you can submit your invoice. There is no minimum amount that must be met before you get paid. As long as the invoice is submitted on Thursday’s by 3 p.m. EST; money is in that PayPal account Friday morning. It never fails. Even better, you are not submitting your own invoices! Instead of worrying about creating your own invoices you just click on your account, click submit invoice and it’s done!

The Downside…

There has to be a downside right? Well, in a way there is. Quality Gal has certain styles that the articles must be written in. They provide all the instructions so it isn’t all that bad. The thing that can be very time-consuming is finding 20 + “authoritative” links to hyperlink into the article. If this or anything else  isn’t done correctly you will be required to do a rewrite. On the plus side you are given plenty of time to fix the article. I will say that once you get the hang of things everything can be smooth sailing (a Christopher Cross song is now coming to mind).

Yes, I do love my music!

Okay so I do have one last word on Quality GAl. They do have periods where there is no work available. When work is available you should not take on more than you can handle! If you do and you have to turn it back in, and continue to do this, you will be put right back on probationary status and only allowed to take on a minimal amount of work.

I absolutely think if you can get on with Quality Gal do so. They offer great resources for their writers and if you have a question they are right on it. Yes, even on the weekends! And don’t forget that the pay with them is pretty damn good for a new writer.

If you have worked with Quality Gal, good or bad experience, please share with us!

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Crystal Case

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3 Responses to “Content Company Review: Sailing Away With Quality Gal”

  1. Cie Hosmer says:

    I love the gals at QG! I worked for them a couple years back until my schedule could no longer mesh with their deadlines. Then I wanted to give them another try and unfortunately, from my side, it didn’t work for me. But I highly recommend QG for quality work, pay, support, and humor. The selection of articles to choose from is usually great and I would not hesitate to work for them again should the opportunity arise. Heather and Christine are tops in my book!

  2. Crystal
    Twitter: CrystalJCase

    I have only done work for a few of these companies but Quality Gal has by far been one of my favorites. I absolutely agree that Heather and Christine are tops! They are quick in responding to emails, answering questions and providing writers with support. You simply have to love that about a company!


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